Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head (Scottish Gaelic: Ceann Dùnaid) is a peninsula in Caithness, on the north coast of Scotland, that includes the most northerly point of the mainland of Great Britain.

A lighthouse stands on the 300-ft (90-m) cliff top of Easter Head.

Dunnet Head Lighthouse is 345 ft. (105 m) tall and was built in 1831 by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Near the lighthouse are minor fortifications built during World War II to protect the naval base at Scapa Flow, including a Chain Home Low radar station and a bunker used by the Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War.

Burifa Hill on Dunnet Head was the site of the master station and a monitoring station of the northern GEE chain of radio navigation stations during World War II. There was also an artillery range on Dunnet Head during WWII.